((JFSLdjksdjfkf those few AT OC’s I’d mentioned brainstorming. ;v;

Blue Princess Raspberry and “Charming” Prince Cherry

Lady Watermelon and Baron Blue Burry (yes, it says Prince and Princess; ignore that)

Red Princess Raspberry and Dr. “Donny” D. Pepper

Dr. Pepper and Poppy C|;;; because… I’m a creep like that;;

and more Blue Razz n’ Cherry. ;V; 

I’ve got backstories for all of them, ahahee. ;D;

  • Blue Princess R. and Prince Cherry were childhood friends, growing very close to eachother as they matured with the years. Both are kind of in a “skinny love”-stage— both clearly being interested in the other, but both refusing to admit it.
  • For a while, there was some slight drama with Lady WM and BBB- BBB being BR’s friend, and WM being Cherry’s; BR and Cherry had begun to think that the other was secretly “seeing” their friend, until WM and BBB announced their engagement, and… yeah. :’D;
  • Red Princess R. is BR’s sis. They’re not quite “polar opposites”, but… think of BR as “cool jazz” and RR as “hot jazz”. They also like going dancing, together.
  • Dr. D. Pepper is the classic attractive, sexy, relatively oblivious guy; think Kyle the UPS Guy (from Legally Blonde: the Musical; youtube him omg) or Chip Skylark (Fairly Odd Parents). |D I’d had this mini idea, a whilewhile back, when I’d originally come up with him; he’s just a physician in the Sodapop Kingdom, n’all, and just so happens to meet the Princess as a sub-in doctor, before actually getting a job (miniplot where Poppy’s having a check-up, and her doctor is out and is like “No, nopenopenope I can’t do it without my doctor |U;;” and then Dr. Pepper comes in like “Good afternoon; if you’re ready, I can treat you, now.” “….Oh. Um— I- well, okay, I guess…”

BR’s personality can be described as…. introverted. She’s independent, has direction, and is generally a perfectionist. She doesn’t usually speak unless spoken to, or unless manners/politeness requires light conversation.

Cherry is very warm, friendly, and… patient. Some call him “charming Prince Cherry”, based on his quiet, easygoing demeanor, and willing generousity. He’s generally just very mellow, and a little warmer than BR. They became friends because he prompted her to talk, and is usually the single person who she can be herself around. ))